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Design Process!

In putting together a company or business web site, there are three components that are required:

1) the web site itself which includes all files, images, content, styles, modules, components, etc that go into making your web site what it is;

2) web hosting services that provide a place to keep the files used in your web site and all it’s files accessible to the Internet; and

3) a domain name or a web address that points anyone to your web files by simply typing in your domain name (rather than a long string of numbers called an IP address). The web site itself is usually thought of as the most important part of the process, and that is because what is seen on your web site will determine the success of your web site. Creating your web site is typically an 8 step process:

Determining Requirements – This includes determining who is your target audience, what style should your site have, what kind of content do you want to convey, and what is the budget and time frame to accomplish your goals. Site Structure – This is a written out site map based on your requirements from  that will spell out what sections, categories, pages, and components will be required, where they are in relation to the start page, and what each of them will do and contain. Technical Design – Upon review of both and , if a Content Management System is part of your web site’s solution, then it will be installed. Other custom components that may be necessary are also designed and tested in this stage. Site Design – This will be the creation of one or two static designs (images) that are based upon the first three items above for your approval of such things as content layout locations, color schemes, text and button styles, etc. Adjustments are made based upon your input and a final approved design is created. Due to the variations in browsers and computers, your site may not be able to look exactly like your approved design, but it will look very similar. Coding – Once approval on the design is given, the actual coding of your web site begins in this step. Content Inclusion – With the coding completed, content can be added to the site. Believe it or not, content is a difficult step, because it will depend upon how much content you have already made up (such as advertising, product descriptions etc), and since “you know yourself best”, this is where you have the opportunity to say exactly what you want on your site. The content can of course be altered later, but if you don’t already have anything to put online, this can be challenging and time consuming. Testing and Adjustments – With your site designed, coded and content installed, it is now time to test and make adjustments to your site. Perhaps moving buttons or links around, changing the wording or the way an image looks. Security is also taken care of in this stage, to ensure your site is as secure as it can be from unwanted manipulation Go Live! – You are now ready to take your site live to the Internet. Any pages preventing access and any security features blocking privileges are removed and your site is cleared to go online!


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